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Maggie Jerde

Maggie Jerde Joyce has more than 16 years experience working for premier design firms in New York and London before opening her own in 2009 on the South Shore of Boston.

We do not believe our client’s home should look like a “Maggie Jerde Design” house, but rather the perfectly edited home that reflects their design sensibility and life. We are just there to guide and inspire. MJD produces beautifully detailed, yet comfortable and personalized spaces.

Maggie Jerde Joyce, founder of Maggie Jerde Design, is a Boston-based interior designer who believes that a home should be as unique as the people who live in it and a place that is a true reflection of the history, experiences, interests and passions of its residents. With this in mind, Maggie seeks to fully understand her clients—who they are, how they live, what they like and what they want (even if they aren’t exactly sure)—so that she can transform their homes into personalized sanctuaries, spaces that are beautifully stylish yet livable. At the end of the day, Maggie understands that day-to-day life can be stressful; thus, her aim is simple: to create a haven for her clients that they absolutely love and feel like their best selves in.

For as long as Maggie can remember, she had the design bug and an eye for style, always rearranging her parents’ furniture (much to their dismay), sketching floor plans and even thumbing through (let’s be honest, tearing apart) the pages of Architectural Digest before she even learned to read. Her architect father and artist/entrepreneur mother certainly helped guide her creative pursuits, and much of her life, Maggie has split her time between Los Angeles, California, and Alexandria, Virginia, two very different places with extraordinary different sensibilities. This experience certainly had an impact on her aesthetic and shaped her love of creating cohesive marriages of opposites—contemporary with traditional, elegance with edge.

Before starting her own business in 2009, Maggie was lucky to work for and, more importantly, learn from such luminaries as Jed Johnson, Mary Douglas Drysdale, Bruce Bierman, William Sofield and David Collins. She currently lives in the South Shore of Boston with her husband, two boys, two dogs and six chickens—that’s another story. And, when she’s not work or cleaning up after said husband, sons, dogs and chickens, you can find her walking, canoeing, painting or hanging at the beach…unless it’s winter, of course!

Jamie Therrien

Although she claims to not be able to draw a straight line with a ruler, Jamie has always been drawn to beautiful spaces and the details that went into creating them. She has worked at various jobs that require the ability to wear many hats — magazine publishing, fundraising, special event planning — and loves the challenge of juggling the many details that keep a project running smoothly. Jamie likes to say Maggie didn’t hire her, but that she found Maggie and didn’t give her a choice. She lives on the South Shore with her husband and daughters and likes to spend her down time walking, knitting or reading — all things that don’t require drawing a straight line.

I don’t believe in settling. If something isn’t sitting right with me — or you — we will find a solution.