FAQ //

Once I contact you, how long before we get started?

We try to have our initial phone conversation within a few days of you contacting us. As we talk, we can give you a sense of timing based on your needs and our current projects. If we decide it works to work together, we send you our questionnaire and contract. Once those are returned to us, we schedule your project and our first meeting. This part of the process usually takes anywhere from 1 - 4 weeks from when you initially contact us.


If I live outside of your area, can we still work together?

Yes! Let’s talk.


How long does it take to complete a room?

That answer truly is determined by the project. It really does depend on the scope of the work, the budget (where we purchase hard goods from can alter delivery times of items), schedules of other vendors we need to pull in, etc. Once we know the parameters of your project, we can give a timeframe. That being said, we haven’t missed a deadline yet.


Is my house going to look like all the other houses you do?

Absolutely not! We work exceptionally hard at tailoring our creativity to enhance your style and needs. We do not want people to come into your home asking if you worked with Maggie Jerde Design. We want them to say, “This room is so you!”


Do you do custom work?

Yes! And as you can imagine, we relish it. We love to create things unique to you and your home.


Are you open to working within a specific budget?

Yes. And we also relish it. We love the challenge of mixing higher and lower price point items to create a unique space for you and your family.


How will we keep in touch with each other?

We like to meet with you 2 or 3 times every couple of weeks in the beginning to show you design elements, update you on progress and make decisions. We prefer to correspond primarily through email. While texting is good for quick answers to things, we find it is not good for anything that needs to be more thought out.


How long do meetings last?

Meetings typically last one hour and we try not to have them go over an hour and a half. We do ask that we keep that time as uninterrupted as possible. That timeframe seems to keep things fresh, exciting and moving along. We don’t want to overwhelm you; we want to inform you and help you make great decisions for your space.


What are your business hours? Do you work weekends and evenings?

Our “hours of operation” are Mondays through Thursdays 9-5 and Fridays 9-12. That being said, inspiration often strikes outside of normal business hours and you may hear from us at other times. However, we do not expect to hear back from you. It just may be the most opportune moment for us to get something in place. We do not work evenings or weekends as a rule. We give ourselves totally to our clients’ projects during the week and feel our families deserve the same consideration during their time with us.


Will this process be any fun?

Absolutely! We customize our approach to fit your needs. We’ve had clients who trust that we’ll get it right after we get to know them and clients who want to work closely on everything. Both approaches have worked well for us, and we know your project will be no different. We truly believe our clients enjoy working with us because we love what we do and we translate that in the best way for them, their families and their homes.


I believe a home can be practically designed for busy families with kids and pets and still be stylish and beautiful.