There are no rules. I approach each project with a fresh and unique view. If you love XXX and XXX we will try to make it work.

I will always tell you what I think. If I feel you are making a choice that may not work with the overall feel we are going for, I will explain why.

I want you to be as honest with me as I am with you.

I am always open to compromise.

I will always look out for your best interest.

The vendors I work with have been carefully selected by me and I am proud to have them on our team. I treat them fairly and with respect, and insist my clients do the same.

I spend evenings and weekends with my family. My clients get my full attention during the work day and my family deserves the same during our family time.

I am dyslexic — please don’t judge me by my emails.

My house still has ugly light fixtures in it. I understand that designing your home is a process. I’d rather have a long-term relationship where we get it right than make bad decisions just to get it done.

I do not believe that texting is a useful way of communication with my clients. If it’s a quick question about scheduling or a confirmation of something we’ve discussed, of course it works. But texts asking for decisions to be made by either of us usually end up with one of us being disappointed.

I have never been afraid of a challenge.