two thousand and nineteen RESOLUTIONS

two thousand and nineteen RESOLUTIONS

Every year when I talk about what my New Year resolutions, I can literally feel the eyes rolling, but that isn’t going to stop me. Over the years I have learned that I am not setting goals to become a “New Me”, I like me, I just try to take the time to reflect over the lessons and gifts that I have received the previous years and apply that to what is to come. Being a working mom of 2 young boys, once September rolls around there is literally no stopping, it is a full speed sprint until the holidays and then I always cruise into New Years tired as shit, overlibated (not sure if it is a word….) and delirious (this Thanksgiving I may or may not have gone COMPLETELY postal on my entire sweet family). Then January hits and I feel like I get a few slower months where I can focus and slow down. I can be more focused and deliberate on my choices of how I am living my daily life.

These are some beautiful; quotes that I have gathered over the year and that keep me going all year round. I can’t say that any. year that my resolutions change, but every year I can look back and see how far I have come….I am a work in progress.

Incase your are wondering what my resolutions are:

Being more present

Making my physical health a priority that is as important as my family and work

Taking my children to church

Seeing love in everything

Sending out the energy I want to attract

Being more positive

Only putting energy into people that are positive influences in me and my families lives

Not worrying so much about pleasing everyone

Not being so hard on myself (physically and mentally)

Growing my BIZNAS!

I wish all of you a beautiful 2019!

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